About Abdel Said

Abdel Said is a Belgian-based rider born in Alexandria, Egypt. At the age of 11 Abdel moved to Eindhoven, Holland with his parents where Abdel and his horses was based with Emile Hendrix for about 8 years.

Together with Emile Hendrix, Paul Darragh and Team Harmony, an initiative taken by Princess Haya, has been very important to Abdel’s career.

"Emile has been my trainer for many years now and I owe him a lot."

"Princess Haya and Team Harmony have meant a lot to my business and I am very grateful for their support. The sport is too tough today to manage without such extra support."

Team AS Sport Horses is currently focused on producing younger horses and making a team of students, as well as establishing as a top 5* rider.

"As a rider I am very motivated although the road towards the top is challenging. I know I can make it, but I also know that nothing comes for free. Luckily I really enjoy producing the young horses and I have the patience to let them develop and take their time. I work hard to perfect my self in all aspects, and I also enjoy helping my students getting better. I would love to have a successful team of students around me that can develop and achieve great results together with me!"

Biggest achievements

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    • Pan-Arab Games: Team Bronze with Duc du Mariposa
    • 2nd in the CSI3* Grand Prix Artic Equestrian Games
    • 4th in the CSI5* Grand Prix of Dublin with Sky-High
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    • 4th in the CSIO5* Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi with Avenir
    • Winner of 145 class at the CSIO5* in Abu Dhabi with Avenir
    • Second in the CSI4* Grand Prix in Antwerpen with Avenir
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    • Winner of the CSI3* Grand Prix in Pforzheim with Avenir
    • Winner of 145 class at CSI5* in San Patrignano with Avenir
    • Winner of speed class at CSIO5* in Dublin with Avenir
    • Winner of CSI5* 150 class at Olympia with Avenir
    • Fifth in the CSI5* Grand Prix at Olympia with Avenir
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    • Pan-Arab Games: Team Silver and indivicual Bronze with Sky-High