The AS-team performed with success from Riyadh till Leeuwarden.


Bandit Savoie and Abdel Said were in an extremely good shape during the GCT 5 in Riyadh. They finished first in the 145 5 competition on Friday. The good results kept on going, a few hours later the team finished 5th in the 155 5 competition. Also Samuel Hutton performed good during Indoor Friesland the 3 show in Leeuwarden. In the 155 GP he finished 7 th together with Alanine de Vains. With Casablanca-H he finished 7 th in the 145 and also Elfy des Equinoxes jumped to a 6th place in the 140.


Abdel Saïd boven in 5 1.45m Riyadh - Equnews Belgium
Abdel Saïd opnieuw in prijzen bij 5
1.55m Riyadh - Equnews Belgium - Abdel Saïd snelt naar winst in Riyadh!