Abdel Said Sport Horses is located in the preserved woods of Herentals between Antwerp and Brussels. It is only 30 minutes away from Antwerp city and one hour from Brussels Airport and Eindhoven Airport. Coming from Germany or France it takes less than an hour and half to get to the stable. This central location gives us access to many different horse shows.

We have a beautiful facility with three different training arenas including a large sand outdoor arena, a grass derby field and a covered indoor arena. There is also a lunging ring. All the arenas are designed to meet top level standards and are made with the best footing surfaces allowing us to train in the best conditions for shows at the highest level. The clubhouse is a modern and warm meeting area with a peaceful vibe to relax, Wi-Fi to stay connected and a spectacular view of the outdoor arena.

To make sure the horses can relax and enjoy nature, there are six fields where they can spend quality time outdoors.